West Mountain, Upstate NY  Things to do in the Summer

West Mountain, Upstate NY Things to do in the Summer


West Mountain is located in the town of Queensbury in Upstate New York, directly south of the Adirondack Mountains. The mountain is extremely popular in the winter months for some of the best skiing in Upstate New York. However, things to do at West Mountain aren’t limited to the winter months. The mountain is known to have four seasons of fun, and during the warmer months, there are quite a few options for some outdoor adventure at West Mountain. West Mountain is located less than 20 minutes south of Lake George, making it a great place to spend a day when your family is visiting the southern Adirondacks.

Scenic Chairlift and Hiking

One of the most accessible things for all to enjoy at West Mountain in the summer is the scenic chairlift ride and hiking trails. The chairlift brings you to the summit of West Mountain providing an amazing view right off the lift. Once you hop off the lift you can start to explore the many hiking trails around West Mountain. There are plenty of signs and maps available to help you decide where to hike to first, and the trails are well labeled so you are sure to know which trail you are on at all times.

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One of the most popular trails (trail 1) is a 1/2 mile to Crow’s Nest. The trail is mostly flat, but I would still suggest wearing sneakers or hiking boots because it consists of gravel and uneven surfaces throughout. The view at Crow’s Nest is pretty amazing as you look down on the Hudson River winding through the mountains.

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Another great lookout point it just steps away from the top of the chairlift and is called “Wedding Looking”. This is where the mountaintop yoga takes place, and obviously wedding ceremonies. The views here are also super impressive as you can see for miles and miles!

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Not only can you spend a few hours wandering the awesome hiking trails at West Mountain, NY, but you can also purchase a picnic package. These packages include your choice of a sandwich, sides, a drink, a picnic table cloth (to use at one of the many picnic tables), and a traditional picnic basket. You can also, of course, bring your own lunch to enjoy when you are visiting West Mountain.

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Aerial Treetop Adventure Park

At the top of West Mountain you will find a number of aerial rope courses high up in the tree top. This fun outdoor adventure is for people 7 years and older, and even with no experience you can have a great time climbing around on the rope course. There are also designated courses designed for those climbers who have more experience. This is a great family friendly activity at West Mountain, and even if there are some in the group not interested or are too young to participate they can still take the scenic chairlift ride up to watch, or to hike in the area.

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Mountain Biking

West Mountain isn’t just perfect for downhill skiing, but mountain biking as well! There are 20 mountain biking trails throughout the mountain and they all offer a variety of difficulty levels as well. In addition, there are bike rentals available at West Mountain. The chairlift whisks you (and your bike) right to the top so you can ride the trails all the way back down!

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Summer Fun at West Mountain

Not only does West Mountain offer the activities above for families to enjoy but there is even more fun for those who are local, or those visiting the area. Being that West Mountain is only a short drive away from Lake George, it makes the perfect half-day trip to explore the mountain in the summer.

Summer Camp at West Mountain

West Mountain offers full-day camps for kids ages 7-16 at a super affordable price. At the summer camp, students will have the opportunity to participate in many outdoor adventures and make new friends. Some of the adventures at West Mountain summer camp include hiking, climbing, and organized physical activities outside with other kids!

Mountain Top Yoga

What better place to practice your yoga skills than the top of West Mountain with this awesome view as a backdrop! Check the website here for more information on when mountain top yoga at West Mountain is offered.

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Aerial Adventures Birthday Parties

A total upgrade from the birthday parties I used to have as a kid at bowling allies, is the opportunity to climb on the ropes courses with your closest friends at West Mountain. What a great way to celebrate a birthday as a kid – I wish my kids had summer birthdays so we could partake in this (maybe a half birthday celebration one year). The birthday parties at West include time to play on the ropes course, pizza, and drinks. You could also add on some fun additions such as s’mores and ice cream bars.

So if you find yourself visiting West Mountain in a season other than winter (Ski West Mountain) there are many options for families and people traveling in the area of all ages and abilities. A perfect place for those visiting the Lake George area and want to take a break from hiking in Lake George, West offers some unique views and fun outdoor adventures for everyone!

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