Strawberry Picking – Bowman’s Orchards

Strawberry Picking – Bowman’s Orchards


Summer is finally here! And one of our favorite parts about the summer is all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Our family especially loves the ones we can pick ourselves! The weather was so beautiful this Sunday morning we just had to take advantage. We went to Bowman’s Orchards in Rexford, New York to pick our own strawberries. This was our first time picking strawberries at this farm, however our family typically does our annual apple picking here in the fall.

Admission to pick strawberries is $2 per person, which is something I’ve never heard of but we paid nonetheless. The cost of strawberries are $3.49 a pound. The orchard offered two sizes of containers if you didn’t bring your own. A green quart sized one for free or a larger one for $1.

After paying admission and grabbing our containers we took the tractor ride a few minutes to the strawberry field. The field wasn’t that busy it looked like one tractor full was there already. We got there right when they opened to avoid the rush which was good because as we were picking it filled up quickly. The picking was really easy for ¬†us. We stayed in one row and filled up three quarts in about 15 minutes. My six year old was great at picking – no issues picking the wrong color or picking the yucky ones. My 2 year old however had some issues of course but by the end she got the hang of it.

Once we were finished we waited about 10 minutes for the next tractor ride back to the main store to pay for the strawberries. Inside the store they had other fresh fruits and vegetables for purchase. We didn’t need much but couldn’t resist buying a few big red tomatoes. After returning home we finished about half our pickings in the first day. They are very sweet and tasty!


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