Best Sushi in Vancouver, BC: Miku

Best Sushi in Vancouver, BC: Miku


Last year we ate the best poutine and croissants in Montreal, Quebec. But this time we were ready to eat the best food on the west side of Canada. One of our goals when visiting Vancouver, BC was to find some awesome sushi. With such a short trip, and a few other food goals, we chose just one restaurant for sushi. Wasn’t an easy choice, but based on Google reviews and proximity to our hotel, we picked Miku Vancouver.

View from our seat…


We made sure to make reservations in advance, mostly because it is usually just easier with kids. We were able to easily get a reservation two weeks before we went for a time we wanted. But keep in mind, the day of there was no more availability.


As a family we have eaten a ton of sushi. And typically the menus are all the same, however at Miku it was on a total different level. Often I just let my husband order some plates to share. On this day it allowed me to hold my huge sleeping three year old, and have a drink ;). Drink menu was on point! Soooo good, yet pricey – but remember… those prices are CAD. Lol #wortheverycanadianpenny

Seaspan Margarita

First menu item that came was the Ebi Fritters, which was a recommendation of our awesome waiter!  These are huge fried shrimp, with the most amazing sauce and flavors on them.

Ebi Fritters

Next up was the Salmon Oshi Sushi. This was flame seared salmon, on top of rice, with a little jalapeno on top. This one was hard to eat because it just looks too pretty! The tastes and texture was so different than I am used to, it practically melts in your mouth.

Salmon Oshi Sushi

After the salmon sushi came the first actually sushi roll. This was another recommendation of our waiter. The Miku Roll was almost standard in that it was a sushi roll, with salmon and crab and a few other standard sushi essentials. But it was not a standard taste because it had such depth of flavors. Each bite was so savory!

Miku Roll

Okay at this point in the meal we are now full and probably should stop eating. But we really want to try it all – so we have two more dishes coming to try! This next menu item is one of the signature dishes made at Miku. The Aburi Prime is more of a piece of art than it is food. It contains nine of the chef’s nigiri omakase which are all unique and carefully prepared. I wish I wrote down what these pieces of nigiri were on this specific night, but after two drinks I couldn’t even keep up with the intricate descriptions at the time – lol.

Aburi Prime

The very last thing we got to share was four more pieces of nigiri. Two of them were Mackerel, and the other two were tuna belly. They didn’t look as pretty as the previous dishes, but they were to die for!!


No kids menu here but we did ask if they would make an avocado roll – which my daughter loves. They said yes, so she ordered two of them!

Even at 7:00 PM on a Saturday night the restaurant had a good amount of kids and families eating dinner. Dress code was casual and it was fairly noisy. These are always good indications of a good place to bring the kids 😉

We would highly recommend Miku as a super tasty splurge restaurant. It was not cheap whatsoever, but it was most definitely worth it. The food and the experience were amazing and it will be hard to find sushi to compare!

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