Hershey Park with Little Kids

Hershey Park with Little Kids


On our way back home from Washington D.C. we decided to stop at Hershey Park for a full day of rides and fun! My husband and I had been there before, but this was the first time taking the kids. They were super excited and I think it was good we saved it for last.

Hershey Park

First off  I will say if you plan on visiting Hershey Park I suggest looking in advance for discount tickets. In past years I’ve seen coupons advertised. However, this year we bought the tickets in the spring for our July trip. The discount was that all tickets were the price of kids’ tickets which saved us some good money. A few months after we purchased ours I saw on their site they were pushing another round of discounted tickets. The tickets we bought were good for any day before the end of September. So keep your eye out 😉

The park opens at 10 AM in the summer but people start lining up at the entrance a good hour beforehand. We arrived a little before opening but by the time we walked to the entrance we joined the already moving line to enter the park. The park is quite large so even with the big crowds it doesn’t feel overly crowded. We took advantage of arriving early to start getting on some rides that would have some long lines later. Hershey Park does offer some variation of a “fast pass” called FastTrack but we did not purchase this option. Kids (or adults) can measure themselves to determine which “candy” category they belong to. As you can see below my younger daughter (2.5) just makes it into the “Hershey Kiss” height category.

While my older daughter (6) just squeaked into the Hershey Bar height range. The website also gives the ranges for each category so you can see in advance where everyone will fall. Keep in mind for a reference – my daughters are definitely on the tall side if you are comparing where you kids will fall!

Both girls got to enjoy a ton of fun rides at the park. My older daughter even got to ride her first roller coaster that went upside down – this was her favorite by far! After spending a good 8 hours at the park we did not get to go on every ride there.

The Boardwalk

Besides being tons of great rides for the kids there is also an entire water park embedded into the park! We didn’t spend a ton of time in there because there was a quick thunderstorm which closed it for a while. The girls did have a great time playing in the water even when it cooled off after the storm. When we return to Hershey Park we are thinking we almost would need a second day to just hang at the water section and one just for the regular park!

Zoo America

In addition to all the rides, Hershey Park also has a small zoo attached. We did not visit this on our last trip since we had seen the National Zoo 2 days prior. There is an additional admission for this zoo.


Hershey Park was definitely in my girls favorite things they did this summer! I’d love to take them back, but as I say it’d be a good to wait a few years before we visit again. They could go on new rides as they grow taller and taller, making it a new experience every visit!

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