Staying at the Great Pines Resort – Visiting Old Forge, NY

Staying at the Great Pines Resort – Visiting Old Forge, NY


Great Pines Resort, Old Forge, NY

Old Forge, NY is located in the southwestern corner of the Adirondacks in Upstate, New York. There are many different options on places to stay or camp in the area, but one of the best places to stay in Old Forge is the Great Pines Resort. The whole area is a popular destination year-round full of opportunities for outdoor Adirondack fun! Old Forge is located on Fourth Lake, which is part of the Fulton Chain Lakes. These lakes are extremely popular in the summer for boating and swimming, and in the winter you will find people snowmobiling and ice fishing.

Where is the Great Pines Resort?

Great Pines Resort is located directly on Fourth Lake and is almost halfway between the towns of Old Forge and Inlet, NY. Both towns (Inlet and Old Forge) offer lots of fun things to do and places to eat. Visiting The Great Pines Resort is a great addition if you are visiting other places within the Adirondacks as well.

All About the Great Pines Resort

The Great Pines Rooms

The Great Pines Resort is made up of a variety of rooms, all offering something unique! Some of the rooms at Great Pines are located in “The Lodge” and are all attached to the main building. Many of these rooms offer a balcony with an incredible lake view. There are also cabins at Great Pines for more of a secluded experience, and they each offer a private area to sit outside! The remaining rooms offer many of the same features as the Lodge and cabins, and all are sure to include a great view!

There are many different options of rooms at Great Pines that would work well to accommodate a family. Some of the cabins even have separate bedrooms allowing for even more space. Our family stayed in the Honeymoon Cabin, which had a king-size bed, and a pull-out sofa. In addition, a little tent was set up inside with a small mattress inside it for the kids to enjoy some in-room glamping! This was such a fun feature, and our kids loved being able to sleep in a tent while we stayed at the Great Pines Resort!

The Lean-To

Not only does the Great Pines have some super fun rooms to stay in, but they also offer a few options for dining right on the property. The Lean-To was built to look like a traditional lean-to and offers diners casual fair and amazing cocktails. In the warmer months, there are also some great spots set up to eat and drink outside as well! The Lean-To is not only a popular eatery for those arriving on land, but you can dock your boat right at The Great Pines Resort, and come up to the Lean-To for a meal, and a nice cold beverage!

The Lodge

The Lodge is one of few fine dining options located in the area, and not only has some amazing food, but also a breathtaking view of the lake. This restaurant is also a popular place to have a wedding reception.

Hanging out at Great Pines Resort

We have the eating and sleeping portion covered, but what about playing! At The Great Pines Resort there are many fun things to do right at the resort no matter what the season is. In the summer you can hang outside by the firepit, or watching the sunset over Fourth Lake. You can also swim in the lake, there is even a small sandy area by the dock at Great Pines. Kayaking and paddle boarding are also enjoyable activities to do when it is warm out. In the winter, Great Pines is located directly on a snowmobile trail which is an incredibly popular activity in the area.

What to do in Old Forge and the surrounding area?

Rent a Boat on Fourth Lake

Like mentioned before, in the summer months a popular thing to do in the area is to swim in the lake. But you can also rent a boat in the area and take that water experience to a whole new level. There a few different options for boat rentals in the area, but just be sure to call ahead to reserve one. Boating is popular in the area, and the rentals get reserved quickly. Here are a few suggestions for places to rent a boat near Old Forge, NY:

Tips for Renting a Boat

We have now rented boats a few different places around the US with our kids. Now if my husband was with me I am not entirely sure I would be comfortable doing it because I have little to no experience. However, my husband has had experience boating throughout his life. That being said, the people renting the boats out do typically give you a quick tutorial on how it works, and really it is not as hard as it may seem! But here are a few tips for making your boat renting experience smooth:

  • Call ahead and make sure they have life jackets (especially for the kids)
  • Apply and reapply sunscreen – easiest place to get burnt is ON the water
  • Bring snacks and drinks with you – we fill a big cooler with ice, drinks, sandwiches, snacks
  • Discuss boating safety with the kids
  • Pack: jackets, sunglasses, towels, extra clothes
  • Have fun!

When we were visiting The Great Pines Resort, we rented a boat for a full day from Clark’s Marina. Not only did we rent the boat, but we also added in a tube so we could take the kids tubing for the first time. We did have a small issue with our boat, but Clark’s was able to get it fixed so we could continue to have fun out on the water – so we totally recommend them. Just be sure to call ahead to reserve, we tried a few other places first and they were all sold out. We did make the mistake of calling the morning of, and it was Father’s Day so was a popular weekend to rent a boat. The kids favorite parts were riding on the tube, and also docking at a sandbar where they could swim for a while! We can’t wait to go boating again it was definetely the highlight of our weekend.

Hiking Trails around Old Forge, New York

If the Adirondack’s are known one fun thing to do it is hands down it’s incredible hiking opportunities. And in the area of Old Forge there are some great family friendly trails to experience. We had our eyes set on completing the Fulton Chain Trifecta when we were visiting, but unfortunately we only finished one of the 3 required. This just means we need to go back! Here are a few trails to check out, and first one on the list is the one we did as a family:

Family Friendly Attractions

Old Forge is definitely a touristy place to visit, and therefore there are lots of fun things to do for families who are vacationing there in the summer. There is a water park in Old Forge called Enchanted Forest Water Safari which could be fun for kids in the summer. The area also has a mini-golf course, beaches, and a few places to get ice cream!

Winter Activities in Old Forge, NY

One of the most popular things to do in Old Forge in the winter is to go snowmobiling, and if you are staying at the Great Pines Resort you can snowmobile right to your room! But a few other things to do in the winter in Old Forge include downhill skiing (McCauley Mountain), cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

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