Dino Roar Valley in Lake George, NY

Dino Roar Valley in Lake George, NY


Dino Roar Valley at the Lake George Expedition Park

Dino Roar Valley is located between exits 21 and 22 in Lake George, New York. This area of Upstate New York is incredibly popular for summer vacations for people in NY and surrounding areas. It is also known to be a very family-friendly destination. Not only can families enjoy the lake itself, but countless other activities including hiking, camping, mini-golf, amusement parks, and water parks. You can also add to that list an opportunity to walk among the dinosaurs. Located at the Lake George Expedition Park, you will find Dino Roar Valley. This dinosaur adventure allows park goers to step back to the Jurassic period and experience life with dinosaurs!

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Visiting Dino Roar Valley

Dino Roar Valley is open each year starting Memorial Day weekend and closes in the fall. Not only can you visit the park during this time, but Dino Roar also offers opportunities for school and camp visits, as well as birthday parties! Admission is definitely cheaper when you purchase in advance online and be sure to check out some ticket opportunities to special events, as well as package deals.

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Dino Roar Valley Entrance, Lake George, NY

Some of the special events include a Dino-Riffic breakfast which allows guests to munch on some dino themed foods, and meet Roary the Dino Roar Valley mascot! Other workshops offered at Dino Roar valley include Fossil Fixers Build and Play Workshop, and Diggin up Dinos. Both are awesome opportunities for kids to take their love of dinosaurs to the next level. The workshops would be great for kids to expand their knowledge dinosaurs with some interactive hands-on learning.

Dino Roar Valley Dinosaur Trail

The main attraction at Dino Roar Valley is the 1/2 mile trail where you get to experience the dinosaurs up close and personal. The trail is paved and totally handicap accessible (and strollers). It is also a fully shaded trail which is totally necessary for the warm summer months in New York. Even in late May, the trail was a bit buggy, so I would suggest wearing some bug spray if that bothers you! As soon as you hit the trail you are presented with life-sized dinosaurs right off the trail.

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Up close and personal with a Dinosaur @ Dino Roar Valley in Lake George, New York

All dinosaurs are “to scale” and are incredibly realistic. The first thing I noticed was that it even looked as if the dinosaur was breathing. As you approach each dinosaur on the trail it begins to move and make noise. They look so real that my dinosaur obsessed four-year-old was actually a bit scared.

Not only can you hear and see these dinosaurs as you walk along the trail, but it is also an educational experience. Each dinosaur has an informational sign at it, all which are easy for kids to read and understand. I wasn’t sure what most dinosaurs names were, so even as an adult, it was interesting to learn as much as I could. Early on along the trail, we also came across a small rope climbing structure for kids, as well as a fossil digging site. Both of these additions were great for kids to have an interactive experience at Dino Roar Valley.

Dino Roar Valley Lake George, NY #dinoroarvalley #DRV #lakegeorge #dinosaurs #upstateNY #iloveNY #newyorkstate #newyork #adirondacks
Digging for Fossils at Dino Roar Valley in Lake George, NY

Our Review of Dino Roar Valley

Overall we thought this park was well done and would totally encourage anyone to visit. It would be especially exciting for families that have kids that are interested in dinosaurs. We had one kid into dinosaurs and one not so much, but both still enjoyed themselves. I would imagine visiting Dino Roar Valley alone would take no more than 2 hours without any workshops, and plenty of time playing on the rope playground and digging for fossils

Dino Roar Valley Lake George, NY #dinoroarvalley #DRV #lakegeorge #dinosaurs #upstateNY #iloveNY #newyorkstate #newyork #adirondacks
Visiting Dino Roar Valley in Lake George, New York

A few Tips for your Visit to Dino Roar Valley

  • Food is available up the hill at Magic Forest (accessible even without a ticket to Magic Forest)
  • Bring water
  • Wear bug spray
  • Bring a stroller for kids who can’t walk 1/2 a mile
  • Plan on spending about 2 hours at Dino Roar Valley
  • Pack a camera for the kids to take pictures

So if you have plans to be in the Lake George area, Dino Roar Valley would be a great place to visit with the kids. I would suggest going in the morning before lunch and before it gets too hot and busy. Dino Roar Valley is a wonderful opportunity to experience dinosaurs as if you stepped back millions of years ago. And also a great chance to take a nice walk along the trail in the shade. Dino Roar Valley is an excellent addition to the endless list of amazing things to do in the Lake George, NY area!


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