Adirondack Animal Land

Adirondack Animal Land


To kick off our summer break we spent the first day checking out Adirondack Animal Land. It is located in Vails Mills, NY, which is under an hour west of Saratoga Springs in New York. We attempted to arrive when they first open, but if you’ve ever had little kids you know how long it takes to get in the car HA! It was around 11 am when we arrived and the parking lot was already looking very full.

Admission was about $17 for adults and $14 for kids 1-12 years old. While buying tickets you can also purchase food to feed some of the animals with. We purchased one cup of  food pellets and a cup of carrots. This was not enough – we should have bought double and ended up going back for more. You can also purchase more pellets in quarter machines located around the park, but the bulk cup size is much easier. FYI – Everything is cash only at Animal Adirondack Land, but if you forget there is an ATM on site.

After getting tickets, and having your bag checked you are led directly into the park after walking through the building. Our family didn’t pick up a map (we tend to skip maps LOL) and just let the girls take the lead. Some of the first animals we saw were a few types of monkeys, baby alligators, and some birds. Throughout the park there were a few slides and play areas for the kids. My 2 year old daughter also loved all the little houses, school houses, and old town buildings that she could explore in.

There are many different sections where you can feed the animals. Some animals, such as the goats you can literally feed them out of your hands. However other animals, like the zebras, sheep, and a few others they have tubes you drop the food into. All of the animals enjoyed eating the food we fed them and I almost felt bad when we moved onto the next animal. Adirondack Animal Land also included kangaroos, a wolf, bears, camels, and many other animals.

One of my girls’ favorite areas was where you could go inside with the baby deer and feed them. If we didn’t run out of food we would have stayed in there all day! The deer were very gentle but were most definitely hungry and interactive. There was a zoo worker selling more feed if needed as well. I also am assuming he was monitoring the deer we were feeding.

Another feature my two girls loved were the giraffes, which are located back near the main entrance. I didn’t even know they were so gentle and we could even feed them. They have some creepy tongues but both of my girls fed them carrot sticks. You can also take a set of stairs to see the giraffes from a higher view.

The last thing we did at Adirondack Animal Land was take a ride on the safari. There is a guy narrating the ride giving facts about the animals and he also happens to be very funny making for an entertaining ride. The ride was about 15 minutes long and the animals were all so easy to see. Some of the animals we saw were camels, zebra, ostrich, and the cutest family of pigs! At one point we had 6 camels surrounding the safari ride looking for food from the narrator. The girls had a blast on this ride and were laughing the entire time!

A few tips for Adirondack Animal Land:

  • Bring bug spray – it is all treed and mostly out of the sun but it can be a little buggy.
  • Wear shoes you don’t care about or that you can wash. Two words – animal poop.
  • I also suggest wearing socks and sneakers – my girls had on Keens with out socks and their feet were gross afterwards.
  • Pack a lunch and water – there are TONS of picnic benches throughout the park. Great places to take a break and have a bite to eat.
  • Bring wet wipes – there are lots of hand-sanitizer stations but I just like a good wipe down in addition to that.
  • Plan on spending at least 2 hours at Adirondack Animal Land to see it all!
  • Arrive early to avoid the crowd – by the time we left at 2pm it was getting pretty busy
  • Bring cash – no credit cards accepted. Also helpful to have quarters for more food for animals =)

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