Hi there! We are the Patsey Family, my name is Amanda, and we live in Upstate New York. We love to take adventures as a family and have spent the past few years exploring the United States, and some of Canada. My husband and I met in middle school, got married after college, and shortly after had 2 kids! We didn’t spend ANY time traveling before the kids were born. But now we are ready to travel as much as we can together as a family!


We are all originally from New York, all 4 of us were born here and lived here almost our whole lives. We always loved New York, but started to wonder what it would be like to live elsewhere.

In 2018 we moved to Seattle for a year to explore a new place and try something different. We had one of the most adventurous years of our lives exploring the west coast! One year wasn’t nearly enough to see all of the Pacific Northwest, so we know we will be back often to continue our explorations. We miss it everyday!

In 2019 we moved back to New York State where we are currently living. We are now ready to spend more time exploring our home state and discovering new exciting things at home. Amazing that you don’t have to look far to find some amazing sights!

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I decided to start this blog back in 2017 when I decided I needed a hobby. We liked taking trips together as a family, so for me to create a blog it was a win win. I had a new hobby that I enjoyed and the kids would be able to look back on our adventures together. I knew nothing about blogging (still learning) so just started to write!

Not only is this blog for the benefit of my family and me, but I also intend for it to serve as an inspiration for other families to get out and travel more often. My goal is to appeal to families just like ours, who are looking to step up their travel game. As a family we take very practical trips, and we pride ourselves in showcasing our realistic adventures!

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