Our Story

Hey there – welcome to my family travel blog! My name is Amanda, I am married to my HS sweetheart and we have two crazy little girls. Often you can find me teaching math to middle school students or hanging out with my daughters. However, in my downtime I love to research and plan our upcoming family trips. We have all lived in Upstate New York our entire life where we love to explore locally. Although, for the past few years we have started to venture out to check out new cities in the US!

I decided to start this blog to showcase our travels and share memories of our family experiences. Also, I am hoping the blog will serve as a way to inspire other families to take new adventures and check out places they’ve never seen before. Most likely my daughters won’t remember everything from our trips, but we love experiencing new places as a family. I hope they will also adopt a passion to see the world when they grow older!​

I look forward to connecting with people and families who also share the same desire to travel the world with or without kids! Thank you for taking the time to read about us and I hope you enjoy our blog. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram or email me if you have any suggestions, comments or just want to connect…

Thanks 😉